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I’m so glad you found me as I’m hiking through the UK! My name is Claudia, which you might know already, and I’m an executive life coach. You can rely on me to help you find out what you want from your career and life; set boundaries and release limiting beliefs to keep you on track to make your dreams come true; and to value yourself so you get what you deserve – and better!

The Three Most Common Questions

First of all, let me assure you: “what if” questions are normal, but all they do is waste time and energy (and, more often than not, lead you to stand still, not change, and waste even more money and time than if you had taken decisive action). But I can only say that with hindsight. I’ve experienced those situations and questions first hand. So let me share my tiny epiphany moments with you

Lying on the couch, relaxing, doing nothing this thought entered my head, unbidden: you’re wasting time. You still need to hoover the house, do the dishes, make edits to that research paper, and walk the dogs. You do NOT have time to lie here (lazy ass).  

And in that moment, it hit me: I had to take the time. I was taking the time, BECAUSE I do not have endless energy. When I’m in full energy, it is true that I move mountains. But I need to be careful not to burn out. That tiny thought, becoming aware of my own limitations, has served me very well.  

In 2016 I resigned from a successful, but stagnating, corporate career. In my view, I had done everything I could to show my loyalty and wish to stay with the company: I had suggested new projects, I had always responded to requests within an hour and kept everyone updated. I had put endless of overtime in. So why did I resign? Because I realised that the one thing I didn’t do was keeping me stuck. I didn’t value myself or my work in that role. So even if resigning was the “wrong” decision, it was the first one I took on the road to rediscovering the value I bring to the table, and the value of my time, and stand up for it. Because if I don’t value myself, no one else will.

This one is the most important (I think). It’s when you need to be honest with your true self, rather than trying to please the ego. My epiphany came when I (once too often) enrolled in a near 5-figure solution to create a course and start a subscription model. I did my due diligence, checked my facts. But I ignored the little voice in the back of my mind saying, “but you don’t really know what you are going to offer”. My ego wanted the quick success, feeling sure that the “what” would follow the “how”. It doesn’t work. “What” must lead, the “how” manifests itself. Only you can answer this question: what do you want from my coaching? If you want to find your “what” for your life and career, then you’re in the right place.

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